Comparing MyRPL against RPL

1) My RPL is little. 

RPL has hundreds of commands

2) My RPL has a main program with program steps.

RPL has program variables at the current directory. Main program does not exist.

3) My RPL has memory registers.

The registers can be accessed using the register number.

At RPL, registers could be simulated. Main register memory does not exist.

4) My RPL has Indirect operations.

The popular IND command is present at MyRPL

5) Exotic variable names are allowed in My RPL.

Example: A variable name could be '++' .

Assign , if you want, the program << 1 + >> to that variable.

Example2: Define the variable name 'A+B' as << A B + >>

6) Embedded blanks in variable names are allowed at the main program.

Example: Define the variable name 'RCL 00' as << 0 RCL >>

Example 2 : Define the variable name 'STO IND 00' as << IND 0 STO >>

7) Naked commands. (Without delimiters)

Nude internal commands are allowed in the stack .

Example:  4 Enter 5 Enter / Enter [EVAL]

The nude command 'slash' at first level of the stack is evaluated. 

Note that / has not delimiters as << >> or ''

8) MyRPL includes a basic set of HP41 commands.

You can program using old style HP41 logic

or new style HP48 logic

or mixed style HP41 and HP48 logic

9) MyRPL programs could be written using lowercase.

RPL only allows uppercase.