Other HP 41 links

HP41 general information At the Museum of HP calculators

HP41CV images in the PCX Calculator Museum

HP41 programs and documentation Compiled by David Hicks

HP41 Page of Jean Daniel Dodin The French PPC HP41 chapter

Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments Calculators Excellent HP41 programs

HP 41 minichess In Chess Variant Pages

HP-IL Introduction and HP 41 modules in HP Calculator Technology Archive

HP-IL and HP 41 programs Compiled by Tapani Tarvainen

HP 41 Input/Output Board by Christoph Klug

HP Calculator Benchmarks including the HP41C

The HP 41 calculator on Space Shuttle in the AFU and Urban Legend Archive

Two Advertisements about the HP41 on Space Shuttle in MoHPC

Card Reader Photographs in HP Calculator Technology Archive

Synthetic Programming in the HP41C Compiled by David Hicks.

HP-41C Quick Reference Scanned by Rob Frohne

Six articles about the HP41 from HP Journal Library in MoHPC

A article about the FOCAL Language in the Brainy Encyclopedia vanished. You can look at this searching in google with the words "Focal" and "41" and viewing the Cached page.

-- Craig A. Finseth information about the HP41 --

HP41C The original HP41

HP41CV HP41 with more memory

HP41CX HP41 with time and extended functions and much more memory

Other HP41 emulators and simulators.

Emu41.zip written by Jean Francois Garnier - (Freeware license)

J. F. Garnier home page.

HP41E by HrastProgrammer.

V41 by Warren Furlow.

NSIM Eric Smith HP41 simulator for X Windows

-- TTCALC -- HP41CV simulator, version 1.0 for Windows, by Stefan Seiwerth --

ttcalc.zip at Germany. 14-Aug-94. 192K

ttcalc.zip Mirror at Swedish University Network

ttcalc.zip Mirror at USA

-- TTCALC version 1.3 with Enhanced I/O --

ttcalc13.zip at Germany. 06-Jan-97. 523K

ttcalc13.zip Mirror at Swedish University Network

ttcalc13.zip Mirror at USA

How to install ttcalc

How to install emu41

HP41C emulators in Patent Pending

HP41CV emulator for the HP48 Comments by Stephen J. Thomas

HP42S to 41CV emulator translator Expand HP48 goodies disk 1 by Joseph K. Horn and read the file HP42S.DOC and the program HP42S.SRC

HP41 based software

Calculator Construction Set Specifications Sorry, I didn't test it because I haven't a Mac but I guess it is very interesting.

PAPCW version 1.1 Programmable arbitrary precision RPN calculator.

hp41.tar.z An assembler and bar code generator for the HP41C written in Perl by Mark Biggar.

Mark Biggar programs in LEO - Link Everything Online.

hp41c-asm Uncompressed Biggar's file in LEO.

Miscellaneous articles

Emulating HP41 Register Storage on the HP48 Technical Notes in Educalc

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