External file edition

All files with extension 41C are dbase type files. You can edit these files with dBase , Foxbase, Clipper, Foxpro, dbFast or Visual Foxpro.

You can use the xBase commands BROWSE, EDIT, APPEND , DELETE and others for edit these files within these platforms.

For example, the xBase command APPEND could be used for change the memory size adding more registers to mem.41c. For delete registers you could to use DELETE and PACK within some xBase language.

You can edit the memory contents quickly with the xBase command BROWSE if you use some xbase Language

The file STACK.41C contains the stack registers and six fields with the return addresses for the six subroutine levels

The file TEMPLATE.41C contains the current program. This program is imported from one ascii file with a PRG or PRO extension when you use the command XEQ within SIM41.

Also, you can load a program without inmediate execution using the command LOAD within SIM41. (Use XEQ LOAD "your program" )

Other example: CLRG equivalent commands in Foxbase:

1) Load Foxbase, dBase , Foxpro, etc.

2) Change to SIM41 directory: Write: SET DEFAULT TO \SIM41

3) Write: USE MEM.41C


5) Exit from Foxbase using the QUIT command

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