Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: The runtime installs a program named HELLO. What is this? .
In order to distribute the runtime is needed to glue it with some program. So I wrote a very little program that shows the message "Hello" This program can be deleted after install the runtime due the only important thing are the libraries installed. Erase it with explorer deleting the directory where is located.
Do not use Control Panel - Uninstall programs because you will delete the libraries too.

Question2: I see publicity with pop ups in this site. The publicity is yours?
No , the publicity is not mine. The site is a free hosting and they put publicity not related to me.

Question3: If I click over a link I see the publicity and I do not see the link.
Click with your mouse 2 times over the link. First click shows the publicity and the second click shows my linked page. I'm sorry by this. but I don't control publicity.

Question 4: I have windows 7 (or Windows 8) (or Windows 8.1) (or Windows 10) 64 bits. How I could run your emulator in my machine?
Use VirtualBox ( It is free from Oracle ) . You need one Windows XP image too.

Microsoft is offering free Windows 7 32 bit images (virtual machines) for Virtual Box.
(Available at http://www.modern.ie) The emulator and MyRPL could run on these machines.

I you are using Linux, use Wine , the Windows emulator for Linux.

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Alvaro Gerardo Suárez

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