Implementing integer division

Suppose that we shall implement integer division and assign it to a variable named //

1. First, create the program:

<< / IP >>

Remember that IP is "integer part" in the HP48.

Enter the program to the stack writing it on the entry box.

Press enter.

Later write // and press STO

2. Assign the variable // to a key.

On the upper menu, search for "buttons"

Choose the button number

(For example the button number 1)

At right of the button number write //

To save the assignment,

Press Ctrl and W  on the personal computer keyboard at same time.

3. Optional:

Change the button background color:

Do right mouse click over the button.

Choose the color.

Remember that in MyRPL calculator you have 18 assignable buttons.

In magic creator all keys (buttons) are assignable.  (100 keys) (four pages with 25 keys each page).