MyRPL Magic Creator

MyRPL Magic creator has a set of tools intended to easy creation and
modification of custom programmable calculators.

With Magic creator you can design your own calculator.

At the beginning, you have 300 empty assignable buttons arranged on
ten pages with 30 buttons.

Each button could be linked to a variable.

The variables could be strings, numbers or programs.

The most used variables are program variables.

Suppose that you need to create a program and link it to a button.

The first step is write the program and save it. Later, link the program
to a button.

We shall use a program variable. To save the variable is necessary to use the command STO

To link the variable with a button ,on the menu, press View and the option "Buttons", go to
the button's number and write the variable's name.

Press CTRL and W at the same time to save the link.

The chosen button will show the variable's name.

If the button used is on other page of buttons it is necessary to show the page.
There are ten check boxes on the calculator used to change the page number.


Create a program to multiply a number by 2.

Write, on the edit box, the following program:

<< 2 * >>

Press enter.

Now, assign the program to a variable named DOUBLE.

Write on the edit box:


Press enter.

Write on the edit box:


Press enter.

The program is saved with that name.

Link the program to the button 1 of page 1:

Open, on the menu, the option  View and  "Buttons"

On the grid, at right of the number 1, write DOUBLE

Press CTRL and W at the same time to save the link.

Then, you see the name DOUBLE on the button 1 of the calculator.

Enter a number, for example 5, on the edit box.

Press the button named DOUBLE

The result is 10.