MyRPL Release notes

Version 1.16

Version 1.16e. New: Multiple assignments to several keys. Fast method to assign keys.
Use View in the Buttons sheet. Assign several variables to some keys at the grid shown.
Save pressing CTRL and W at same time on the PC keyboard.

Version 1.16d. Shrink and Expand the calculator. Show/No Show assignments.

Version 1.16c: rcl+ rcl- rcl* rcl/ and date could be written directly into the data
entry box. Use either the keys Enter or Eval at the end of each command.

Version 1.16b: New menu options. New window to show variables. Some fixes.
View a screenshot using a High contrast Theme on Win10.

From version 1.16: Redesign of Alpha sheet. Included some tooltips. New method to load on windows10.
(and load on windows 8 64 bits)
Read the file: install_on_win10_method2.txt (included in the distribution)
The compatibility with vrunfox6 is only from version 1.16. I changed internal code to do this.

Version 1.15

Version 1.15d: The commands SECONDS and TIME could be written manually on the entry box.
Use ENTER to execute them.
SECONDS puts on the first level of the stack the seconds from midnight. TIME puts the current time.
The commands are programmable.

From version 1.15c: A command could be written manually in the data entry box.
Use either the Enter key or Eval key to execute the command.
The PC enter key also could be used.

From version 1.15a: If an object in the stack is greater than 254 characters, the
object is saved to a memo field. To show the big object use right mouse click
over the stack level where the object is saved.

From version 1.15a: Included memo fields in Main Memory and Variables Memory.
A memo field could be used to save objects with hundreds of Kilobytes.