MyRPL Release notes

Version 1.21

Version 1.21: To enter commands (or variables) without quotes into the stack, write the command
on the display and press the little down arrow, located at right of display.
For example, try to enter the sign + without quotes into the stack.

Also, try to enter ++ without quotes, into the stack.

An internal command without quotes, located on the stack, could be evaluated using the EVAL key.
Same is valid for variables without quotes present in the stack.

Version 1.21: To change the background color of an assignable button use mouse right click.
This is related to buttons located on panels and the main assignable buttons available
on the calculator.
Valid in windows 10 with MyRPL running on top of the runtime version 9.

Version 1.21: Enter data direct on top of stack with up arrow.
Enter data without evaluation to bottom of stack using down arrow

Version 1.21: New checkbox: Copy first level to display. If this checkbox
is checked out, after each operation, stack level 1 is copied to display.
This allows us to simulate old calculators where the display allways shows data.

When shrink is used, the checkbox is turned on. When expand is used, the checkbox
is turned off. This behavior could be overriden using the checkbox.

Version 1.20

Save and load variables from menu.(2019/04/24)Available since MyRPL 1.20

Version 1.19

MyRPL Version 1.19d: Buttons for rcl+, rcl-, rcl*, rcl/, time, seconds and mod.
Msize changed to SetSize (2019/04/21)