Implementation history

Release dates
Project beginning. 2004/06/20

Version 0.01. 2004/09/19
First public release

Version 0.02. 2004/09/29
Implemented single step execution in normal mode
Fixed problem with ISG and DSE. Internal accuracy could change their behavior
Implemented some commands in program mode. The memory and flags windows now have some buttons for interaction with each window

Version 0.03. 2004/10/05
Implemented some commands loaded with XEQ
The interaction between sim41 main window and his child windows has great enhancements.

Version 0.04. 2004/10/11
Implemented more commands: DEC OCT HR HMS HMS+ HMS-
SIM41W was tested with my program 8QUEENS.PRG (look at sim41 for DOS), and his behavior was OK
Fixed bug with AVIEW

Version 0.05. 2004/10/18
Released two new skins: SIM41W2 and SIM41W3
Fixed entry of ST+ ST- ST* and ST/ in program mode

Version 0.06. 2004/12/05
New: Implemented colors in child windows.
Fixed: GTO.nnn in run mode
New: Grids in child windows of variable size
Fixed: flag 01234 refreshing in main window when these are changed from child window
Changed bitmap of skin3

Version 0.07. 2004/12/21
New: Included two new child windows.
[Pr]: Virtual Printer
[Lp]: Last print session
Included the buttons SEARCH and NEXT in the program child Window.
Implemented tooltips

Version 0.08. 2005/01/10
Included four new child windows:
[Tn]: Tones
[C]: Configuration
[Pc]: Program Colors.
[A]: Key assignments

Version 0.09. 2005/01/27
Sim41 keyboard was linked to PC keyboard
Turbo mode was implemented
New child window: Trace

Version 0.10. 2005/02/13
Included new child Window: Subroutines.
New skin: skin4
New button in configuration child Window: Back pictures.

Version 0.11. 2005/02/23
Skin4 enhanced with display of variable height.
Display font of skin4 could be changed by the user.
Some bugs fixed
Included more back pictures.
From this version Child window Program Colors is loaded from child window Program

Commands not implemented yet

ln(1+x) , e^(x-1) for values near to 1
CATALOGs greater than 1
OFF in PRGM mode

Known problems
Installing the runtime under Windows XP freezes the installation at the end. Don't worry. The runtime has been installed OK.
Now, you can proceed to install sim41w in another directory different to c:\runtime, or in the same directory if you want so.

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