New: SIM41 for Windows (SIM41W)

First version (0.01) released at: 2004/06/20

Goal: To create a Windows version of SIM41 with several enhancements.

Current Status: Version 1.3

Implementation history

This HP-41 emulator requires the calculator run time library. Install it first.

Also read the file whatisnew.txt included with the calculator

sim41w - Version 1.3 for windows 10 (64 bits) updated at 2020/02/04 You have to install the Runtime version 9.0 service pack 2 previously

Runtime for Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bits) and Windows 7 (32 bits) Calculator runtime Version 50a updated (2011/09/07) - (3.113 bytes) Readme file for all skins released - (1.444 bytes) Test Programs updated at 2004/09/18

Tones for sim41 Provided by Martin Andres Verens (2013/05/16)

Factors for sim41 Factors are numbers you can multiply together to get another number (2014/06/25)

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